Domestic and worldwide coverage

FaxExtension is an online fax service with domestic and worldwide coverage. You can easily send a fax from almost everywhere and to almost everywhere.

No software required

Sending and receiving faxes, searching the fax content, editing faxes, and all other functions are available using a web browser without proprietary software installed.

Fax any document, photo, or scan

You can fax documents in virtually any format, for example, Microsoft Word and Excel, Apple Pages, and Apple Numbers, OpenOffice documents, PDF, and most common image formats (like TIFF, JPEG, HEIC, and PNG). In addition to that, you can also fax scans captured from desktop devices and photos taken with mobile devices. Received faxes are securely stored on the FaxExtension portal.

As easy as an email

FaxExtension provides a familiar look and feel. All you need is an internet browser to access FaxExtension’s online app. You can access your inbox, outbox, drafts, sent faxes, and contacts like in your favorite email application.

Feature-rich editing

FaxExtension allows users to add a cover page, sign, edit, and fill in documents online before faxing. It also provides advanced features, such as image enhancement (distortion removal) and edge detection, which are helpful when faxing captured documents that you must clean up to improve legibility.

Powerful search

FaxExtension allows you to search for your faxes by keywords in the body text and the entire fax content. That means you can find your faxes quickly and easily.


FaxExtension is a highly reliable service. It includes functions such as multiple automatic retries and automated re-routing of outbound faxes to provide a high success rate of fax delivery. It also includes fax status tracking and delivery confirmations.