Full-text search through faxes

Find your faxes in seconds

With FaxExtension, you can quickly and comprehensively search for entire content in all received and sent faxes. Google-like full-text search scans through faxes and finds the sought fax content. So the inquiry is not performed only over fax numbers, contact information, and cover messages but through all fax documents.

Full-text search through faxes

How does the search work in FaxExtension?

FaxExtension uses automatic OCR to scan through faxes. So you can find content in the entire fax, not only in a fax number or cover page message. Faxes with search keywords are shown in the list, allowing you to preview each of them quickly.

The FaxExtension email-like interface further contributes to the transparency of the preview. It consists of several fax boxes (Inbox, Outbox, Drafts, Sent, Failed, and Trash), fax listing, message pane, and compose pane. So you can preview your faxes in a familiar interface and easily create new fax.

With FaxExtension, you can quickly and easily send fax documents from any device connected to the internet. Fax from PC, Mac, mobile phone, or tablet. You don’t have to install any application. Visit the FaxExtension portal, subscribe to FaxExtension, and get your online fax for free instantly. Your new free fax number consists of FaxExtension main number +1 808-SEND-FAX (+1 808-736-3329) and an extension divided by the # sign (such as +1 808-SEND-FAX #123456). You can send faxes from this fax number extension as from any online fax or fax machine. Just go to FaxExtension app, press the “New Fax” button, and compose your fax in a familiar email-like way. Then press the “Send” button once you are ready to send your fax.

If someone needs to send you a fax, they can send it to the +1 808-SEND-FAX (+1 808-736-3329) fax number, followed by your extension. For example, if extension 123456 has been assigned to your account, they can send their fax to +1 808-SEND-FAX #123456. Learn more about how others can send you a fax quickly and easily.

Take advantage of free faxing using the email-like interface and a powerful full-text search engine. Start faxing online with FaxExtension now.

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