Porting fax number to FaxExtension

How to port your existing fax number to FaxExtension?

Use the FaxExtension online fax service as your default fax communication. Port your existing fax number to FaxExtension in some simple steps:

  1. Create a free FaxExtension account and upgrade it to a weekly, monthly, or yearly subscription. FaxExtension will dedicate one of the currently available fax numbers, which will change once your fax number porting process is completed.
  2. Fill in and sign the number port order.
  3. Purchase the fax number porting service.
  4. Send the filled-in and signed port order from step #2 and the Copy of the Bill from your current provider to support@faxextension.com.
  5. You can use your fax number from step #1 to send and receive faxes until your fax number is ported. You do not need a physical fax machine.

Your existing fax solution is now seamlessly replaced by a modern online one. You no longer need a physical fax machine or other online fax solution. Start sending and receiving faxes securely with FaxExtension, an online fax service.